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Name, Surname Bruno Andersons


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Change of the Properties of Pine Wood on the Initial Stage of Decay by Wood-Rot Fungi Citas publikācijas konferenču (arī vietējo) ziņojumu izdevumos 2008 Ingeborga Andersone, Bruno Andersons, Jelena Chirkova, Ilze Irbe, Māris Puķe
Changes in Mechanical Properties for Re-dried WPC with Thermally Modified Wood Particles After Water Absorption Test Raksts konferenču tēžu krājumā 2017 Edgars Kuka, Dace Cīrule, Jānis Kajaks, Ingeborga Andersone, Bruno Andersons
Comparison of Different Thermally Modified Wood Residues for Production of Wood Plastic Composites Raksts konferenču tēžu krājumā 2019 Edgars Kuka, Dace Cīrule, Jānis Kajaks, Ingeborga Andersone, Oskars Bikovens, Bruno Andersons
Life Cycle Inventory for Currently Produced Pine Roundwood Zinātniskais raksts, kas indeksēts Web of science un/vai Scopus datu bāzē 2019 Edgars Kuka, Dace Cīrule, Ingeborga Andersone, Ziedonis Miklašēvičs, Bruno Andersons
Novel Alkyd - Linseed Oil Emulsion Formulations for Wood Coatings Raksts konferenču tēžu krājumā 2015 Errj Sansonetti, Bruno Andersons, I. Andersone
Wettability of the PMMA Surface Caused by Its Polarization due to UV Radiation Publikācijas konferenču materiālos, kas ir indeksēti Web of Science un/vai SCOPUS 2012 Bruno Andersons, Jurijs Dehtjars, Alīna Grīva, Linda Lancere, Errj Sansonetti
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