System for wireless power transfer to moving objects with activation of transmitting side without position sensors
Jānis Zaķis, Oleksandr Husev, Viktor Shevchenko, Deniss Stepins, Ryszard Strzelecki, Bohdan Pakhaliuk

This invention is related to electrical engineering and power electronics, notably to wireless power transfer to moving objects (for charging batteries of electrical devices or electric propulsion).
The main idea of the invention is to implement wireless power transfer system to moving objects with transmitting side activization without using moving object position sensors and using a single inverter. This is achieved by the system in which transmitting side compensation capacitor plates are located in both, transmitting and receiving sides, and by new system control approach, thanks to which transmitting side is activated only when coupling coefficient between transmitting and receiving coils is sufficient for power transfer with high efficiency.
Invented system can be used in mobile robots or electrical transportation: transmitting coils embedded in the base cover and activation compensations for static plates of capacitors. Receiving coil with moving plates of activization compensation capacitor are integrated into robotic transport base.

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