Mobile membrane filtration system for sugar concentration and enzyme recovery and its operational principles
Mārtiņš Strods, Linda Mežule, Tālis Juhna, Anton Rayan Priyasad Perera Weerasuriya Arachchige

The invention relates to the energy sector, in particular to the production of fermentable carbohydrates essential for the production of bioenergy. The invention is a mobile heat pre-treatment/enzymatic hydrolysis and membrane filtration system for concentrating carbohydrates and recovering enzymes. The system is transportable to the place of biomass origin, to ensure biomass processing (biological hydrolysis and filtration) onsite and obtaining a concentrated sugar solution for final transport to the plant for bioenergy production or fermentation. The invention comprises the following main components: hydrolysis reactor (1), heating elements (2), sugar solution storage tank (10), ultrafiltration device (12), sugar concentrate tank (14), nanofiltration device (16), reverse osmosis device (17), water tank (18), mixer (19), pump (20), microfilters (21).

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