Personal Knowledge Management Systems Development
Kaspars Osis

12.12.2011. 14:30, Datorzinātnes un informācijas tehnoloģijas fakultāte, Rīgā, Meža ielā 1/3, 202. auditorijā

Jānis Grundspeņķis

Uldis Sukovskis, Peteris Rivža, Jānis Stirna

Increased knowledge value and its use in work environment and in everyday life situations creates a necessity for educated individuals, which can handle ad-hoc situations and manage large amounts of information. Thus there are needed on ICT based education, training and individual’s regular tasks supporting systems. In March of year 2000 was reached agreement on Lisbon’s strategy and as a result a strategic goal of Europe for the next decade was proclaimed – to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the World. However in year 2007 was realized that adults’ participation in life-long learning activities in European Union are stagnating rather than progressing. Thus there is needed an additional support for individuals to remain as a competitive participants in knowledge based society. There are not available personal knowledge management based technological solutions or systems on a knowledge worker’s individual level, which would support individuals in work, studies or in everyday life situations. Such systems should be scalable and adjustable to particular individual and to his / her needs. Personal knowledge management system is a complex system and contains social, psychological and technological aspects. From technological aspect mobile and agent technologies fosters such a view. Even though there is available mobile and agent technology basis and personal knowledge management supporting tools, though so far there is not developed a united personal knowledge management system. Also there are not available such personal knowledge management systems based on mobile and agent technology. The thesis describes the development approach of personal knowledge management system consisting of social, psychological and technological aspects, and provides solutions for continuous support for these three system’s aspects. Proposed solutions are based on research connected with individual needs, development of personal knowledge management area, mobile and agent technology application possible support for development of personal knowledge management system, and analysis of currently available tools and systems for personal knowledge management support. Main results of the thesis have been presented at 5 international conferences, as well as they are reflected in 9 scientific papers. The thesis includes introduction, 4 chapters, and conclusions. It contains 174 pages, 26 figures and 10 tables, 272 titles large bibliography and 5 appendixes.

Personal knowledge management, personal knowledge management systems

Osis, Kaspars. Personal Knowledge Management Systems Development. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2011. 174 p.

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