Waste-to-biomethane Concept Application: A Case Study of Valmiera City in Latvia
Aiga Barisa, Ilze Dzene, Marika Rošā, Kristīne Dobrāja

The current needs of sustainable urban development are rising. As the transport sector expands, emissions continue to rise. Due to their negative impact on human health and the environment, air quality requirements are becoming more and more stringent. At the same time, the amount of waste is increasing. Europe Union policies attempt to relieve the pressure that these two stressors place on urban systems as they themselves expand. Today different solutions are available to decrease greenhouse gas emissions, increase air quality and improve waste management systems. Among them, waste-to-biomethane for use in urban systems deserves more attention. The paper focuses on application of the concept of waste-to-biomethane and the case study of Valmiera is evaluated. The results show that the application of the waste-to-biomethane strategy can contribute to a complete substitution of diesel fuel in urban buses and gives savings of around 1,000 tCO2/year. The price of the biomethane was found to be the most sensitive input factor. It is suggested that it should not exceed 0.40 EUR/Nm3 for a fuel conversion project of a fleet of 10 vehicles. Such a price can be ensured, if dry fermentation technology is chosen for biogas production. However, from the sustainability perspective, wet fermentation is more preferable due to the introduction of a source-separated organic waste management system in the region and higher gas yields. Introduction of this alternative requires additional funds which is a question of policy-level decisions.

Biomethane; transport; urban; waste

Barisa, A., Dzene, I., Rošā, M., Dobrāja, K. Waste-to-biomethane Concept Application: A Case Study of Valmiera City in Latvia. Environmental and Climate Technologies. Vol.15, 2015, pp.48-58. ISSN 1691-5208. e-ISSN 2255-8837. Available from: doi:10.1515/rtuect-2015-0005

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