Multifunctional Carbon Materials on the base of Wood and Lignocellulose
Aleksandrs Voļperts

06.12.2017. 16:00, Paula Valdena iela 3/7, 272. auditorija.

Gaļina Dobele, Jurijs Ozoliņš

Valdis Kampars, Bruno Andersons, Yuriy Maletin

The PhD thesis “Multifunctional carbon materials on the base of wood and lignocellulose” is devoted to the synthesis of nanoporous carbon materials from wood and its processing wastes using chemical activation, study of the structure and properties of the obtained activated carbons as well as their application as electrodes in supercapacitors. Thesis contains Introduction, Literature Review, Experimental part, Discussion of Results, Conclusions, List of References, and Appendices. Literature review is devoted to activated carbon synthesis and study methods, its structure and properties, as well as supercapacitor construction and operation principles. The second part describes raw materials, chosen methods and procedures of activated carbon synthesis, and methods of testing used to achieve goals and tasks of thesis. Discussion of Results presents analysis and systematization of the obtained experimental results. The main volatiles and the temperature regions of their evolution, which are attributed to carbon material porous structure formation in the process of thermochemical activation, are described. The benefits of carbonized wood use for chemical activation are shown. Dependence of activated carbon porous structure from the variables of thermochemical activation (temperature, alkali addition rate) is studied. Parameters of porous structure and their dispersion are analyzed and compared using various adsorption theories. The relations between activation conditions, parameters of porous structure and double electric layer formation on the surface of activated carbons used in supercapacitors are shown. The basics of the original technology for the production of the highly effective carbon from the Latvian charcoal are presented. Thesis is written in Latvian language, consists of 151 pages and includes 53 illustrations, 20 tables, 23 equations, 3 appendixes and 182 literature sources.

Oglekļa aktivizācija, superkondensators

Voļperts, Aleksandrs. Multifunctional Carbon Materials on the base of Wood and Lignocellulose. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2017. 151 p.

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