Towards Utilization of a Lean Canvas in the Biometric Software Testing
IIOAB Journal 2017
Padmaraj Nidagundi, Leonīds Novickis

The growth of technology kept a unique value in the market for the biometrics products and its solutions. Biometrics solutions normally collect the human characteristics related different metrics and main utilization of biometric software solutions is in security. Biometrics solutions are mainly cauterized in two types physiological & behavioral characteristics. Growing digital data and human dependency on software embedded devices created questions on the security of the system and its collected data safety. Another side day to day growing digital security threats and personal data protection forced the human to think and adopt the biometrics solutions for better data security and protection. Some of the research suggests in the year 2015 overall biometric solutions market expected to be worth $13.8 billion and this information boosted the development of the number of the unique biometric solution with introducing the cutting-edge technologies. Development of biometric software solutions is turned into the new age with the usage of the number tools and technologies for the biometric data collection store and retrieve information for the valid human authentication. In recent years’ biometric authentication possible with many types of devices including mobiles. In this case, it is becoming very important test the biometric software performance in more precisely on a number of supporting mobile devices before giving software to end customer. Overall biometric performance testing is key for the biometric software solution make successful with end customers. From many years, the traditionally lean canvas is used for business planning's and strategy

Biometric, Biometric software testing, Lean canvas, Software testing, Software validation, Software verification, Test process, Test strategy

Nidagundi, P., Novickis, L. Towards Utilization of a Lean Canvas in the Biometric Software Testing. IIOAB Journal, 2017, Vol. 8, No. 3, pp.32-36. ISSN 0976-3104.

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