Harmonisation of Biodiesel Composition via Competitive Interesterification – Transesterification
Chemical Engineering Transactions 2020
Valdis Kampars, Rūta Kampare, Elīna Sīle, Modris Roze

A pure interesterification reaction of triglyceride with methyl acetate in the presence of potassium tert-butoxide homogeneous catalyst produces a reaction mixture containing 72.5 wt.% of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) and 14 wt.% of triacetin. In order to harmonise the content of the reaction mixture by increasing the fatty acid alkyl esters (FAAE) and decreasing the content of triacetin, in this work a competitive interesterification – transesterification conversion of triglyceride has been made using iso-propanol. Due to the low reactivity of iso-propanol, it is possible to carry out the targeted harmonisation of biofuel composition by increasing the FAAE content up to 81.9 wt.% while retaining a relatively high triacetin content (6-9 wt.%). The lowering of the triacetin content and replacing it with the fatty acid iso-propyl esters provides the opportunity to obtain products that are more similar to conventional biodiesel and improve the cold flow properties of the fuel.

biodiesel composition, interesterification,transesterification

Kampars, V., Kampare, R., Sīle, E., Roze, M. Harmonisation of Biodiesel Composition via Competitive Interesterification – Transesterification. Chemical Engineering Transactions, 2020, Vol. 80, pp.91-96. ISSN 2283-9216. Available from: doi:10.3303/CET2080016

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