Pourous Cordierite Ceramics from Mineral and Synthetic Raw Material Compositions
Māris Rundāns

25.03.2021. 14:00, https://rtucloud1.zoom.us/j/9352086644

Gaida Maruta Sedmale

Jānis Grabis, Kestutis Baltakys, Laszlo Gomze

This work is dedicated to the study of the development of porous cordierite ceramics, using two types of illite clays as pore formers. The work contains the parts of classical scientific work – introduction, literature review, description of materials and methods, presentation of results, as well as conclusions. The theoretical part of the thesis describes cordierite as an important mineral phase, its polymorphism, as well as the production, properties and application of ceramics formed from this phase. The materials and methods section details the materials and methods used in the work. The practical part of the thesis describes the production of cordierite ceramics and its physical-mechanical and thermal properties, as well as the analysis of the structure of the obtained materials. It has been shown that by varying the technological parameters of synthesis, different morphology porous cordierite ceramics can be obtained. The resulting materials are considered to be the most economically viable alternative to existing synthetic materials, with improved material properties – bending and compression strength, thermal expansion coefficient and thermal conductivity.


Rundāns, Māris. Pourous Cordierite Ceramics from Mineral and Synthetic Raw Material Compositions. PhD Thesis. Rīga: [RTU], 2021. 92 p.

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