Glossary for Academic Integrity. General Guidelines for Academic Integrity
Alla Anohina-Naumeca, Tatjana Odiņeca, Ilze Birzniece, Vita Šakele

The publication is a translation into Latvian of the project “European Network for Academic Integrity” outcomes due to the cooperation of authors from different countries and fields. The edition consists of two parts: the glossary for academic integrity and general guidelines for academic integrity. In the first part, the terms are provided in English alphabetically; each entry is composed of a term in English, a term in Latvian and a definition in Latvian. The second part supports the first part; it helps develop a shared understanding of integrity issues in science and business. Guidelines set out minimum requirements and responsibilities for the various stakeholders in academic work.

academic integrity; ethics; akadēmiskais godīgums; ētika

Anohina-Naumeca, A., Odiņeca, T., Birzniece, I., Šakele, V. (translators in Latvian). Glossary for Academic Integrity. General Guidelines for Academic Integrity. Tauginienė, L., Gaižauskaitė, I., Glendinning, I., Kravjar, J., Ojsteršek, M., Ribeiro, L., Odiņeca, T., Marino, F., Cosentino, M., Sivasubramaniam., S, Foltýnek, T. (authors). Rīga: RTU Izdevniecība, 2020. 161 p. ISBN 978-9934-22-431-7. e-ISBN 978-9934-22-432-4.

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