Formate Esters Containing Biodiesel - Diesel Mixed Fuels
Key Engineering Materials. Vol.903: Riga Technical University 61st International Scientific Conference "Materials Science and Applied Chemistry 2020" (MSAC 2020) 2021
Valdis Kampars, Anastasija Naumova

The blends of varying proportions of biodiesel (FAME) containing formate esters of glycerol and 93.0 wt.% fatty acid methyl esters, obtained in an interesterification reaction with methyl formate without further purification, and winter diesel fuel, were prepared and analysed. The obtained results showed that blends comprising up to 20 vol.% of FAME fulfill the requirements of the standard LVS EN 590 concerning such characteristics as cold flow properties, viscosity, density, and carbon residue. The increase of FAME content worsens the cold flow properties; however, the mixed fuel with 20 vol.% or lower FAME content, remains in the same severe climate "Class 0" group as winter fuel. The carbon residue of mixed fuels raises with increasing FAME content, but stay low and do not exceed the limits of standard for mixtures with FAME percentage up to 20 vol.%. The obtained results have indicated a good potential of FAME obtained in the interesterification reaction with methyl formate without further purification as a diesel fuel additive for up to 20 vol.%.

Biodiesel; Blended diesel; Interesterification; Methyl formate

Kampars, V., Naumova, A. Formate Esters Containing Biodiesel - Diesel Mixed Fuels. Key Engineering Materials, 2021, Vol. 903, pp.75-80. ISSN 1013-9826. e-ISSN 1662-9795. Available from: doi:10.4028/

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