Socio-Economic Analysis of Waste-Based Briquettes Production and Consumption in Bolivia
Sustainable Production and Consumption 2023
Alberto Pietro Damiano Baltrocchi, Navarro Ferronato, Iris Jabneel Calle Mendoza, Marcelo Antonio Gorritty Portillo, Francesco Romagnoli, Vincenzo Torretta

Waste-based briquettes can be a secondary product capable of coping with solid waste management issues and a lack of energy sources. This study evaluates the socio-economic aspects of non-recyclable cardboard waste and sawdust briquettes production and consumption in Bolivia. The goal is to understand whether waste-based briquettes can be cost-effective and socially beneficial compared to conventional fossil fuels. Life Cycle Costing and Social-Life Cycle Assessment were employed as methodological approaches. Integrating these methodologies combined results can be obtained, supported by globally accepted standards. This study is the first that evaluates the economic and social sustainability of waste-based briquetting in a developing country. Results show that briquettes have a final cost of 0.479 USD kg−1 (0.129 USD kWh−1), ranging from −34 % to +7 %, which is always lower than coal. Nevertheless, the cost is higher than the fossil fuels sold in Bolivia that are subsidized by the local government. In addition, the analysis reports that briquettes are better than other fuels in six social impact subcategories out of ten assessed. In particular, briquettes encourage separate collection and waste valorization with the introduction of new sustainability technologies, although the disadvantages mainly concern the indoor emissions of particular matter compared to natural gas. On balance, the research indicates that waste-based briquettes can have economic and social benefits compared to fossil fuels, although it is necessary to support its diffusion in Bolivia through incentives and market analysis.

Sustainable development; Solid waste management; Circular economy; Appropriate technology; Life Cycle Costing; Social Life Cycle Assessment

Baltrocchi, A., Ferronato, N., Calle Mendoza, I., Gorritty Portillo, M., Romagnoli, F., Torretta, V. Socio-Economic Analysis of Waste-Based Briquettes Production and Consumption in Bolivia. Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2023, Vol. 37, pp.191-201. ISSN 2352-5509. Available from: doi:10.1016/j.spc.2023.03.004

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