Haulage of Divisible Cargos with Long Vehicle Combinations
Aivis Grīslis, Gundars Liberts

The aim of the paper is to present European Modular cargo vehicle conception. These vehicle combinations are widely used in Sweden and Finland. The good transportation by road is increasing. It is important to improve efficiency of road transport and cargo vehicles. Possible benefits after permission of traffic of European modular vehicle combinations on main roads outside of towns are discussed. There is made analysis of legislative acts regarding vehicles’ dimensions of the European Union and Latvia. The specific situation in Sweden as well as technical information concerning long modular vehicle combinations is illustrated.

transportlīdzekļu modulārā kombinācija, likumdošana, pārvadājumu efektivitāte

Grīslis, A., Liberts, G. Haulage of Divisible Cargos with Long Vehicle Combinations. Railway Transport. Vol.25, 2007, pp.75-83. ISSN 1407-8015.

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Latvian (lv)
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