Wear Resistance of Industrial Polymers under Lubrication with Oils
Audrius Zunda, Juozas Padgurskas, Vytenis Jankauskas, Raimondas Levinskas, Rimantas Kreivaitis

Wear intensity of sliding friction couples containing different polymers (PA, POM-H and PTFE) is investigated. The friction couples have been tested when lubricated with rapeseed oil, mineral oil SAE 10 and without any lubrication. Research has shown that the lubricating materials are actively absorbed by PA and POM-H polymers (0.6...0.9 mg/cm2 ). Lubricating with SAE 10 oil the coefficient of friction of tested polymers is 0.08…0.10, while lubricating with rapeseed oil it is 0.03(PA), 0.10 (POM-H). Lubricating with rapeseed oil PETF wear intensity is the lowest and slightly influenced by the load, whereas PA and POM-H wear intensity is directly influenced by the load – the greater the load, the more intensive the wear. Wear intensity of POM-H polymer lubricated with rapeseed oil is 3 times more intensive than lubricated with mineral oil. For this reason the combination of rapeseed oil and POM-H polymer in friction couples is inapplicable. PA is recommended for rapeseed oil lubricated friction couples because of its low wear (0.01…0.03 μm/m) and low coefficient of friction (0.03).

Industrial polymers, sliding friction couples, wear intensity, lubrication, load

Zunda, A., Padgurskas, J., Jankauskas, V., Levinskas, R., Kreivaitis, R. Wear Resistance of Industrial Polymers under Lubrication with Oils. Materials Sciences and Applied Chemistry. Vol.21, 2010, pp.21-25. ISSN 1407-7353.

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