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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Adaptive Fuzzy Clustering of Short Time Series with Unevenly Distributed Observations in Data Stream Mining Tasks Yevgeniy Bodyanskiy, Olena Vynokurova, Ilya Kobylin, Oleg Kobylin
2 Big Data Analysis of Home Healthcare Services Shilpa Balan, Joseph Otto
3 Case Study: IoT Data Integration for Higher Education Institution Krišjānis Pinka, Jānis Kampars, Vladislavs Minkevičs
4 Comparison of SOAP and REST Based Web Services Using Software Evaluation Metrics Juris Tihomirovs, Jānis Grabis
5 Decision Tree Creation Methodology Using Propositionalized Attributes Pēteris Grabusts, Arkādijs Borisovs, Ludmila Aleksejeva
6 Efficiency Measurement of Project Management Software Usage at State Social Insurance Agency Māris Riņģis, Solvita Bērziša
7 Evaluation of Payoff Matrices for Non-Cooperative Games via Processing Binary Expert Estimations Vadim Romanuke
8 Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process for Ecological Risk Assessment Andrejs Radionovs, Oļegs Užga-Rebrovs
9 Impact of Requirements Elicitation Processes on Success of Information System Development Projects Līga Bormane, Jūlija Gržibovska, Solvita Bērziša, Jānis Grabis
10 Improved Database Schema Development for OWL2 Henrihs Gorskis
11 Internet of Things: Structure, Features and Management Vladislavs Aleksandrovičs, Eduards Filičevs, Jānis Kampars
12 Markov Chain Modelling for Short-Term NDVI Time Series Forecasting Artūrs Stepčenko, Jurijs Čižovs
13 Neural Network Modelling for Sports Performance Classification as a Complex Socio-Technical System Ivars Namatēvs, Ludmila Aleksejeva, Inese Poļaka
14 Prof. Arkādijs Borisovs – Distinguished Scientist in Intelligent Computer Technologies Gaļina Kuļešova, Ludmila Aleksejeva
15 Prof. Ģirts Vulfs and His Contribution to Information Technology as an Academic and Scientific Field in Latvia Jānis Grabis
16 Review of Data Preprocessing Methods for Sign Language Recognition Systems based on Artificial Neural Networks Aleksejs Zorins, Pēteris Grabusts
17 Using Fuzzy Probability Weights in Cumulative Prospect Theory Oļegs Užga-Rebrovs, Gaļina Kuļešova
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