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1 Calculation of Rumpled Material Volume in Contact Zone of Two Cylindrical Details and Contact Square Calculation Tatjana Fiļipova, Juris Krizbergs
2 Calculation of the Composite Profiles of Woodcutting Instruments Equipped by Supersolid Materials Ruslans Dorošenko, Guntis Bunga
3 Calculation of Wear with Application of Stray Fields to Roughness Evaluation of Friction Surfaces Oskars Liniņš, Andris Kamols, Ivars Odītis
4 Classification of Rough Surfaces Jānis Rudzītis, Edgars Šīrons, Māris Skurba, Toms Torims
5 Deduction of NL-Model of Process of a Resistance Welding Multilode Conductors to Outputs of Contacts of Transmitters Viktors Ataušs, Dmitrijs Čuvalovs
6 Dynamic of Component Movement of a Site of Assembly Natalija Mozga, Artis Iesmiņš, Francis Sudnieks
7 Improvement in Accuracy of Isothermal Gas Flow Calculations Teodors Ķirsis, Peteris Lielpēters
8 Intelligent Integration of Tasks for CAD/CAM/CAE Systems Application Eduards Napalkovs, Varaidots Zars
9 Method of Experimental Investigation of Polyhedral Sample for Calibration of Measurements Devices Tatjana Fiļipova
10 On Pattern of the Initial Electric Contact in Micro-Spot Contact Welding of Plates Uldis Polis, Emils Bumbieris
11 Realisation of Calculation of Parameters of Form Deviation of Cylindrical Body in Electron Form Tatjana Fiļipova, Jānis Rudzītis
12 Research of Spot Welding of Cross-Connected Nickel Wires with Auto Tuning of Dropped Voltage between Electrodes and Welding Current Process Arnis Mozga, Viktors Ataušs
13 The Most Significant Publications of the Academic Staff of the Department of Heat and Power Engineering Systems in the Scientific Proceedings of RTU in 2006 - 2008 Aleksandra Cimbale, Sigurds Jaundālders, Jānis Nagla, Anna Ramata, Dmitrijs Rusovs, Aleksandrs Soročins, Daniels Turlajs, Namejs Zeltiņš, Āris Žīgurs
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