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1 Application of the Problem of Optimal Location of Service Stations Andrejs Kašurins
2 A Problem of Arrangement of Service Stations on the Given Territory Andrejs Kašurins
3 Acoustic Emission Monitoring of Fatigue Crack Origination during Titanium Specimens Tests Aleksejs Nasibullins, Aleksandrs Urbahs, Mukharbiy Banov
4 Application of Acoustic Emission Method for Research of Process of Crystallic Substance Dilution Aleksandrs Urbahs, Mukharbiy Banov, Jevgēņijs Garbuzs, Vladimir Zujev, Nikolay Khodos, Jury Fescuk
5 Computation Model of Spatial Movement of the Car Anatolijs Kobcevs
6 Review of the Base Chassis Configurations for Various UAV Types and Purposes Aleksandrs Urbahs, Vladimirs Petrovs, Antons Rjabuha
7 Estimation of Fatigue Durability Dispersion in Operation by Results of Tests and Loading Measurements Vladislav P. Turko
8 Experimental Calculation of Pre-crosswalk Stopbar Optimal Location Pāvels Jeļinskis
9 Forecasting of Passenger Conveyances in Latvian Regions Applying Semiparametric Regression Models Diāna Santalova
10 GPS Satellite System Integration in Monitoring of Automobile Transport in Latvia Viktors Boicovs, Marga Zivitere
11 Hierarchic Optimization of the Resources Allocation among the Units of the Logistic Centre Olga Girvica
12 Interior Damping in an Anisotropic Materials and Constructions Anatolijs Kobcevs
13 Features of the Design of a Terminal System of Intermodal Transportation Aija Rēdmane
14 Simulation and Optimization of Service System of the Container Terminal Aleksandrs Cerkovņuks
15 Analysis of Factors Influencing Freight Combination Vehicles’ Collisions Aivis Grīslis
16 Ship Many-Stage Propeller Shaft Power Measuring Jūris Cimanskis, Janis Kokars
17 Logistics Centers Activities in Organizing of Freight Flows Nataļja Podberezska
18 The Analysis of Logistics Centers Activities in Latvia Nataļja Podberezska
19 Modern Strategies for the Costs Optimization of the Logistic Centre Olga Girvica
20 Application of Modern Logistical Technologies for Transit Freight Transportation Development in Latvia Nataļja Podberezska
21 Experimental investigation of Physico-Mechanical Properties of Wear Resistant Nanostructured Ion-Plasma Coatings Margarita Urbaha
22 Tehnology of Earlier Fatigue Crack Detection during Undercarriage Stand Testing Aleksandrs Urbahs, Mukharbiy Banov, Sergejs Doroško, Aleksey Nasibulin, Vladislav Turko
23 Possibility to Use Polyisoprene/Nanostructured Carbon Composite Sensor into Facilities for Large Mass Vehicle Weighing Vladislavs Novikovs, Valerijs Muhins, Juris Zavickis, Sanita Zīke, Māris Knite
24 Quality Assessment and Forecasting the Reliability of Tribo-Elements with Wear-Resistant Coatings Margarita Urbaha
25 Using Acoustic Emission Method When Carrying out Fatigue Tests of Pitch Arm of EH-101 Helicopter Aleksejs Nasibullins
26 Passenger Car and Truck Safety, Amount of Absorption Energy Žans Butāns
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