RTU Research Information System
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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Automation of FPGA Implementation of Unitary Transforms Based on Elementary Generalized Unitary Rotation Gatis Valters, Peteris Misāns
2 Impact of Physical Carrier Sense Range on Network Throughput in Wireless Ad-Hoc Networks Lauris Cikovskis, Ilmārs Slaidiņš
3 Reducing Negative Effect of Frequency Modulation on Switching Power Converter Efficiency Deniss Stepins
4 Research of a 2-layer Closed Vehicular Network Nikolajs Bogdanovs, Aleksandrs Ipatovs, Jānis Jansons
5 Scattering by a Layered Circular Cylindrical Post in a Rectangular Waveguide Romāns Kušņins, Jānis Semeņako
6 The Complete Bifurcation Analysis of Boost DC-DC Converter Dmitrijs Pikuļins
7 The Research of IEEE 802.11 Signal LOS Propagation Features for Complex Geometry Indoors Saulius Japertas
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