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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Analysis of Spam Filtering Optimization Methods Mārtiņš Ekmanis
2 Design of Multifunkcional Circuits Using Dynamically Reconfigurable Programmable Logc Devices Jekaterina Bule, Viktors Čapenko, Aleksandra Kalnbērziņa
3 Elements of Optimal Design of Inductive Components for EMI Filters Vladimirs Ščavinskis
4 Errors of Constant Rotation Angle Fast Orthogonal Transform Used for Fixed-Point Arithmetic DSP Applications: Optimal Angles Māris Tērauds
5 Homomorphism between Petri and Neural Networks Tālis Celmiņš
6 Self-Similar Traffic Control Using Maximum Entropy Approach Alfrēds Asars, Ernests Pētersons
7 Some Experimental Results of Internet Traffic Prediction Using Neural Network Gundega Rutka
8 Using Normal Distribution Law for PWM Randomization Jurijs Jonass
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