RTU Research Information System
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# Title Full-text Authors
1 Adaptive Method and Algorithm for GPS/INS Information Complex Processing Ansis Klūga, Jānis Klūga
2 Analysis of TCP Protocol Influence on Network Traffic Self-Similarity Alexander Alimov, Ernests Pētersons
3 Frequency Dependence of the Self-Inductance of Toroidal Measuring Windings for Magnetic Measurement Valentīns Jurševičs
4 Kronecker Product Based Generation of RABOT Basis Functions Māris Tērauds
5 Modeling of Data Packets Interarrival Process Alfrēds Asars, Ernests Pētersons
6 Modelling a Multipath Fading Channel for Wideband Wireless Communication Systems Jevgēņijs Golovins
7 - Elmārs Beķeris
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