Testing Results of Multipolar Double Fed Induction Generator
Guntis Diļevs, Edgars Jākobsons, Guntis Orlovskis

The project concerns the practical application of multipolar induction machines as generators for small and medium wind turbines. Such a multipolar generator should be built in a way that the primary and secondary windings are placed on the stator, and the rotor is tooth-like without windings, with each tooth equivalent to one pole pair. The most reliable design is that with a single-phase secondary winding, which provides efficient control of the generator

Atslēgas vārdi
Double fed, induction generator

Diļevs, G., Jākobsons, E., Orlovskis, G. Testing Results of Multipolar Double Fed Induction Generator. Enerģētika un elektrotehnika. Nr.27, 2010, 145.-148.lpp. ISSN 1407-7345.

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