Compensated Single-Phase Rectifier
10th International Scientific Conference „Engineering for Rural Development”: Proceedings. Vol.10 2011
Ivars Raņķis, Jānis Doniņš, Vytautas Beniusis

Paper describes methods of rectified DC pulsation reduction adding a compensation node to a single phase rectifier. Device is related to converters of electrical energy and it can be used in power electronics. Purpose of single phase compensated rectifier is to reduce load voltage pulsations. Several methods of compensation are observed, load characteristics are compared to a simple rectifier. Load voltage is compensated using compensation switch. It is operated so that rectifier output voltage pulsation is minimal. This current pulsation reduction effect is achieved so that the elevated voltage node is operating as an additional power source for load. Operation of compensation switch is controlled by comparing of two voltages, comparing reference voltage with voltage on load. While these voltages are equal or load voltage is greater than reference voltage, load voltage is not compensated. As soon as load voltage less than reference voltage, the compensation current is increased in proportion of difference of compared voltages. Load voltage compensation process goes on continuous.

Atslēgas vārdi
DC, compensation, capacitor, pulsation, load characteristic, reference voltage

Raņķis, I., Doniņš, J., Beniusis, V. Compensated Single-Phase Rectifier. No: 10th International Scientific Conference „Engineering for Rural Development”: Proceedings. Vol.10, Latvija, Jelgava, 26.-27. maijs, 2011. Jelgava: Latvia University of Agriculture Faculty of Engineering, 2011, 305.-310.lpp. ISSN 1691-3043.

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