The Consumer’s Role in Energy Efficiency Promotion in Latvian Manufacturing Industry
Management of Environmental Quality 2013
Līga Žogla, Marika Rošā

Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to recognize whether consumers on long time perspective have an influence on the increase of energy efficiency in manufacturing industries. Design/methodology/approach – Literature review, online survey, in-depth interviews. Findings – Although the connection between consumer and energy efficiency promotion in manufacturing companies is currently weak, the growing trend to purchase “green” products may have an influence on companies’ decisions regarding energy efficiency issues. Furthermore, this would be necessary to take into account in development of new state energy efficiency policy instruments for industry. Practical implications – The results of this study can be taken into consideration in the development of new energy efficiency policy instruments for the industrial sector. Originality/value – The paper highlights the importance of consumers purchasing behavior and its possible influence on energy efficiency increase in manufacturing industry.

Atslēgas vārdi
Manufacturing industries, Latvia, Energy consumption, Energy efficiency, Industry, Customer behaviour, Purchasing behaviour, “Green” products

Ozoliņa, L., Rošā, M. The Consumer’s Role in Energy Efficiency Promotion in Latvian Manufacturing Industry. Management of Environmental Quality, 2013, Vol.24, No.3, 330.-340.lpp. ISSN 1477-7835. Pieejams: doi:10.1108/14777831311322640

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