Wear Problems of Slide-Friction Pair
Solid State Phenomena 2015
Guntis Spriņģis, Jānis Rudzītis, Anita Avišāne, Māris Kumermanis, Jevgeņijs Semjonovs, Armands Leitāns

There are a lot of different mechanisms and devices in which sliding-friction surfaces could be found. The issues of the service life and its prediction for details with such surfaces have always been of particular importance. The article determines the most suitable wear calculation model that allows considering the set of parameters needed for the slide-friction pair’s calculation. The offered model is based on the application of theories of several branches of sciences. Since the wear process is variable and many-sided it is influenced by very many different parameters, for example, the surface geometry (roughness, waviness, form deviation, etc.), the physical and mechanical conditions of the upper layer, component material, wear regime, wear temperature, etc.

Atslēgas vārdi
slide-friction surfaces, wear calculation, wear models, surface roughness

Spriņģis, G., Rudzītis, J., Avišāne, A., Kumermanis, M., Semjonovs, J., Leitāns, A. Wear Problems of Slide-Friction Pair. Solid State Phenomena, 2015, Vol.220-221, 361.-366.lpp. ISSN 1662-9779. Pieejams: doi:10.4028/www.scientific.net/SSP.220-221.361

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