Young People: The Greening of Jobs, Employment and Education
Tatjana Tambovceva, Dzintra Atstāja, Dzineta Dimante, Adam Salah, Bradley Forder, Edita Ausrine, et Al.

The unemployment rate among young people has never been higher. The high indebtedness of the state, does not provide for young people to gain the preparation they need for life. More and more, the education system is reverting back to being reserved for those who can afford it and international competition is fiercer than ever. Many young people fear that they will never get a job and that their current lack of experience and training becomes a viscious circle preventing them appearing employable in the future, when and if, things improve. This situation is now being found all around the globe. Peer pressure, binge drinking and a media-induced body cult play significant roles in young people’s lives today. The information age and the internet makes them all too aware of the shocking and worrying data of the mass extinction of species, of rising sea levels and climate change. Their generation is also characterized by ethical responsibility, a sincere desire for knowledge and the strong urge to change the world.

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green economics, green jobs, green careers

Tambovceva, T., Atstāja, D., Dimante, D., Salah, A., Forder, B., Ausrine, E., al., e. Young People: The Greening of Jobs, Employment and Education. No: Young People: The Greening of Jobs, Employment and Education. M.Kennet, J.Göke red. Green Economics Institute: 2012. 1.-315.lpp. ISBN 9781907543258.

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