Placement of Flat Generator in Garment
XIIIth International Izmir Textile and Apparel Symposium 2014
Ausma Viļumsone, Gaļina Terļecka, Juris Blūms, Inga Dāboliņa

The human motion electromagnetic energy harvesting is under investigation. Our device has a planar structure and consists of three groups of flat, spiral-shaped coils and an arc-shaped magnet. This construction is suitable for integration into clothing. During natural human motions the generator elements move one relatively to another and induce the pulses of voltage. The most suitable place of integration (at the level of anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) for outerwear), the most suitable type of clothing (insulated jacket and a small easy at chest and hip level and the advisable number of coils to be integrated into the jacket were found experimentally.

Atslēgas vārdi
Wearable human power harvester, functional smart garment, electromagnetic harvester, human

Viļumsone, A., Terļecka, G., Blūms, J., Dāboliņa, I. Placement of Flat Generator in Garment. No: XIIIth International Izmir Textile and Apparel Symposium, Turcija, Izmir, 2.-5. aprīlis, 2014. Izmir: 2014, 67.-72.lpp. e-ISBN 978-606-33-8043-6.

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