Development of Innovative Combination Dielectric Coatings
Aleksandrs Urbahs, Vladimirs Zujevs, Konstantins Savkovs, Margarita Urbaha, Darja Andrejeva

In Latvia and abroad the most perspective method for the application of protective coatings onto lightweight structural alloy products is micro-arc oxidation (MAO). Over the last decade there has been a surge in the number of publications on the mechanism and growth kinetics of coatings applied onto surfaces of the valve alloys under various technological operations of MAO process, as well as their properties and structure. MAO is a comparatively new way of surface modification and strengthening of metal materials. The beginning of this method can be seen in traditional anodizing and this is an electrochemical process. Using MAO allows obtaining combined multifunctional ceramic materials with unique qualities: wear resistance, corrosion strengths, electric insulation and decorative overlays

Atslēgas vārdi
oxidation of micro arc, anodic oxidation, coatings, vacuum technologies

Urbahs, A., Zujevs, V., Savkovs, K., Urbaha, M., Andrejeva, D. Development of Innovative Combination Dielectric Coatings. Ražošanas tehnoloģija. Nr.35, 2013, 9.-13.lpp. ISSN 1407-8015. e-ISSN 2255-8721.

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