Concept of Learner Behaviour Data Based Learning Support
Procedia Computer Science 2015
Bruno Žuga, Atis Kapenieks, Aleksandrs Gorbunovs, Merija Jirgensons, Jānis Kapenieks, Jānis Kapenieks, Ieva Vītoliņa, Guna Jākobsone-Šņepste, Ieva Grada, Kristaps Kapenieks, Žanis Timšāns, Rūdolfs Gulbis

In this article we present our developing progress with the multi-screen e-learning system initially developed and named as eBig3 system that gives users learning access by the means of computers, mobiles and TV, depending on their choice. In the new project JAUZI we build on our previous experience. We identified that insufficient learning support in traditional eLearning settings is the key obstacle to the broad deployment of eLearning and a cause for the high drop-out rate from these programs. As a remedy for this problem, we developed an algorithm to track user trajectories and to identify problem areas. Here, we present the analysis of the data we gathered and used to assign further user support provisions. The particular support provisions we designed were based on a multiple messaging system: SMSs to users, to teachers and also emails to users and teachers. The JAUZI support system is designed respond to potential critical actions in learners’ behaviour and to quickly provide a remedy.

Atslēgas vārdi
E-learning, Learning support, Messaging system, Multi-screen learning, Technology enhanced learning.

Žuga, B., Kapenieks, A., Gorbunovs, A., Jirgensons, M., Kapenieks, J., Kapenieks, J., Vītoliņa, I., Jākobsone-Šnepste, G., Kudiņa, I., Kapenieks, K., Timšāns, Ž., Gulbis, R. Concept of Learner Behaviour Data Based Learning Support. Procedia Computer Science, 2015, Vol.43, 134.-140.lpp. ISSN 1877-0509. Pieejams: doi:10.1016/j.procs.2014.12.018

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