Potential of Solar Cooling in Latvian Conditions
Energy Procedia 2014
Peteris Šipkovs, Andrejs Snegirjovs, Galina Kashkarova, Jānis Šipkovs

The national priority axis is increase of RES use in Latvian Energy sector, so new solutions for Electricity, Heat and Cool production are searching for. In Latvian conditions cooling is required about 5000 degree hours per year (at an indoor temperature of 21 °C), but the importance of outdoor air relative humidity ranging from 70-90%. Optimal relative humidity for human body is from 45 - 55%, if the moisture levels in the air are lower or higher, it would adversely affect the health, so it is important that humidity level is optimal in areas with a high human concentration. Solar energy is available at the same time when is need to cool rooms, so Solar Cooling are suitable also in Latvia. In Latvia such a system is not used, so it is important to assess the potential of this system. In the Institute of Physical Energetic Solar Energy Testing polygon the Solar Cooling system was installed with the cooling capacity 8 kW in the facility, measuring equipment was connected and operating data have been monitored and technical equipment performance were improved. As in Latvian climatic conditions in the summer period (may -September) the average outside air temperature is about 15° C (max temperature of summer season average value + 26.38°C) and solar radiation - 1100 kWh/year, than the experimental equipment has operation temperature range of 55 -95 ° C in the driving circuit. An, evaluation of possible use, the advantages and disadvantages of the system, taking into account the reduction of fossil fuel use for cooling will be provided.

Atslēgas vārdi
Solar energy potential; solar cooling; HVAC systems.

Šipkovs, P., Snegirjovs, A., Kashkarova, G., Šipkovs, J. Potential of Solar Cooling in Latvian Conditions. Energy Procedia, 2014, Vol.57, 2629.-2635.lpp. ISSN 1876-6102. Pieejams: doi:10.1016/j.egypro.2014.10.274

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