Water Absorption of Hemp Fibre Nonwovens Modified with Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Uļjana Iļjina, Ilze Baltiņa, Andrejs Lūsis

In this paper changes of ability of hemp fibre nonwovens to absorb water after deposition of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles were investigated. Moisture content of samples after storage in different climatic conditions was determined using thermogravimetric method. The obtained results were compared with the results of previous research based on investigation of water absorption of metalized woven fabric of bast fibre. Analysis of measurements showed that nonwoven samples with surface treated in plasma attract water slightly better than sample with untreated surface; this was more pronounced in woven fabric samples. In turn, metal coatings reduced water sorption. Unlike woven fabric samples, nonwoven samples attract similar water quantity irrespectively of surface modification. It can be concluded that metallization of hemp fibre nonwovens retain hygroscopic properties of these textile materials. Therefore, moisture content also needs to be controlled in nonwovens with metal and metal oxide nanoparticle coatings

Atslēgas vārdi
Hemp fibres, nonwovens, metal coatings, thermogravimetry, water absorption

Iļjina, U., Baltiņa, I., Lūsis, A. Water Absorption of Hemp Fibre Nonwovens Modified with Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles. Materiālzinātne. Tekstila un apģērbu tehnoloģija. Nr.10, 2015, 12.-17.lpp. ISSN 1691-3132. e-ISSN 2255-8888.

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