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Publikācija: Electronic Database of Non-Standard Furniture

Publikācijas veids Raksts konferenču tēžu krājumā
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Nosaukums oriģinālvalodā Electronic Database of Non-Standard Furniture
Pētniecības nozare 2. Inženierzinātnes un tehnoloģijas
Pētniecības apakšnozare 2.5. Materiālzinātne
Autori Kristīne Šuste
Andra Ulme
Atslēgas vārdi unusual form furniture, database.
Anotācija In different time periods development of technologies promotes development of new materials from which unusual shapes can be made. Customary form furniture is replaced with new unseen and unusual form shapes. Unusual form furniture is selected based on the following criteria: 1. infrequent, observed; such that is different from the usual, well-known. [1] 2. forms such as circle, triangle and rectangle are not selected [2] The offer of unusual form furniture is large, but to find such furniture may be difficult due to the fact that there is not a database of unusual form furniture. Such database could help to navigate in the large offer of furniture. Similar database, where a section with unusual form furniture would be included, has not been found. Therefore, it indicates that such database is necessary. The target audience for the unusual furniture database would be designers, architects and everyone who is interested in to find unusual form furniture in a fast and comfortable way.
Atsauce Šuste, K., Ulme, A. Electronic Database of Non-Standard Furniture. No: Abstracts of the Riga Technical University 56th International Scientific Conference : Section: Materials Science and Applied Chemistry, Latvija, Rīga, 14.-16. oktobris, 2015. Riga: RTU Press, 2015, 59.-59.lpp. ISBN 978-9934-10-733-7.
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