Nanostructured Carbon Materials as Promoters of Energy Storage
Bulgarian Chemical Communications 2016
Pēteris Lesničenoks, Madara Zvīne, Anna Januškeviča, V.L. Muzikants, M.K. Jurjāns, Kaspars Kaprāns, A. Volperts, Gints Kučinskis, Gunārs Bajārs, Gaļina Dobele, Jānis Kleperis

Nanostructured carbon materials in recent years have proved to be promoters of energy storage in different technologies – electricity storage in lithium ion batteries and supercapacitors, and hydrogen storage in solid state materials. Our research results on nanostructured carbon materials in lithium ion batteries, electrodes for supercapacitors and hydrogen storage vessels, confirms the indispensable role of it. The commercial and self-made nanostructured carbon materials (black carbon, graphite flakes, graphene oxide, wood-based activated carbons, few layer graphene stacks) are used as additives and selected results reported. LiFePO4/C composite material as cathode for lithium ion battery is prepared and electrochemical tests are performed to determine the charge capacity and analyse the role of additives. Research on activated wood-based carbon for electrodes of supercapacitors with organic electrolyte showed that specific capacity and ohmic losses of electrode is influenced by the properties of the pores in carbon structures. The ratio of raw material to activator and appropriate activation temperature are most important factors to obtain optimal pore dimensions. Few layer graphene stacks (FLGS) without and with different interlayer ion additives are synthesized and tested for electrodes in supercapacitors as well as solid state sorption media for hydrogen storage. It is found that non-reduced FLG is able to realize sorption on defects mostly at cryogenic temperatures, and this is also true for non-intercalated graphene at low hydrogen pressures. Nevertheless, Li intercalation allows to reach higher values of bind hydrogen (around 1 wt%) at higher temperatures.

Atslēgas vārdi
carbon, nanoporous, few layer graphene stacks, energy storage, hydrogen storage

Lesničenoks, P., Zvīne, M., Januškeviča, A., Muzikants, V., Jurjāns, M., Kaprāns, K., Volperts, A., Kučinskis, G., Bajārs, G., Dobele, G., Kleperis, J. Nanostructured Carbon Materials as Promoters of Energy Storage. Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2016, Vol.48, Special Issue E, 365.-372.lpp. ISSN 0861-9808. e-ISSN 0324-1130.

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