Optimization of Distribution System Reliability
Transactions on Environment and Electrical Engineering 2016
Laila Zemīte, Jānis Gerhards, Mihails Gorobecs, Anatolijs Ļevčenkovs

Reliability analysis of distribution systems has been attracting increasing attention. A special concern pertains to the distribution networks on which most failures occurs. The optimization of distribution system of breakers and power switches is a possible strategy to improve reliability. The paper describes development procedure for modelling restoring after a fault and calculating associated reliability indices and customers’ outage costs. The developed model of the network and reliability and outage costs calculating algorithm is suitable for multi-criteria analysis of the network. Proposed reliability and outage costs calculation algorithm is based on Monte Carlo simulation and genetic algorithm.

Atslēgas vārdi
distribution network, simulation, power supply reliability.

Zemīte, L., Gerhards, J., Gorobecs, M., Ļevčenkovs, A. Optimization of Distribution System Reliability. Transactions on Environment and Electrical Engineering, 2016, Vol.1, No.3, 1.-6.lpp. ISSN 2450-5730.

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