Test Case Review Processes in Software Testing
Information Technology and Management Science 2017
Oksana Petunova, Solvita Bērziša

Qualitative system requirements and thoughtful communication are the key factors to successful implementation of software development projects. However, errors that occur by misunderstanding and incomprehension between parties involved in the project can lead not only to the high cost of the project but also to a large number of defects discovered only after the system release, which in turn strongly influences the product quality. The software review processes are implemented to reduce projects costs and ensure high product quality. The goal of the present paper is to identify the role of review processes in software testing. To achieve this goal, the process of test case review has been implemented during testing.

Atslēgas vārdi
Communication, inspection, software review process, software testing, static testing

Petunova, O., Bērziša, S. Test Case Review Processes in Software Testing. Information Technology and Management Science, 2017, Vol. 20, 48.-53. lpp. ISSN 2255-9086. e-ISSN 2255-9094.

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