Actual Demands Based Knowledge Intensive Technological Model for Life Long Learning Development in Vidzeme Region
International Journal of Education and Information Technologies 2016
Kaspars Osis, Sarma Cakula, Atis Kapenieks

Nowadays in extensively changing environment lifelong learning is becoming an integral part of everyday life. All regions in Latvia face a challenge that the capital city is attracting many well educated residents to work there. There is no all-inclusive technological support or roadmap available for adult education in the regions of Latvia that could foster identification and acquisition of required knowledge, skills and serve as uniting element for learning, work and personal time. Thus it is significant to develop a framework encompassing identification of required competencies, technological support for lifelong learning and make it as part of an ongoing process. The goal of the paper is to design a required knowledge and competencies identifying technological model that would serve as a roadmap for lifelong learning stakeholders in the Vidzeme region. The focus of the paper is identifying the major steps and elements required to design and incorporate latter mentioned lifelong learning process and particularly adult education perspective supporting technological model in the Vidzeme region. Literature review has been conducted regarding different adult education supporting technological platforms and adult education processing in European Union’s regional context. The necessities and development directions of the Vidzeme region’s municipalities in line with national and European Union level initiatives have been researched for the aim of enhancing the efficiency and quality of the region’s adult education perspective and capacity. The paper represents the theoretical prerequisites for the qualitative advancement of lifelong learning process in the Vidzeme region and presents lifelong learning stakeholders inclusive technological model that would equip the lifelong learning process with ongoing technological support and sources of actual knowledge and management information.

Atslēgas vārdi
Lifelong learning, knowledge, regional development, technological model.

Osis, K., Cakula, S., Kapenieks, A. Actual Demands Based Knowledge Intensive Technological Model for Life Long Learning Development in Vidzeme Region. International Journal of Education and Information Technologies, 2016, Vol.10, 25.-30.lpp. ISSN 2074-1316.

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