Contact Deformations under the Influence of Measurement Force
Procedia Engineering 2015
Anita Avišāne, Didzis Avišāns

The common measurement error when measuring the component geometrical dimensions using universal contact measurement instruments is caused by different factors, such as error of the measurement instrument, personal reading errors, effect of surface roughness on the measuring line deviation, influence of contact deformation measurement force, and others. The present article examines one of these factors, i.e. contact deformations under the influence of measurement force. To make precise measurements it is essential to find out the effect of roughness of measured components. High roughness creates additional measurement errors. It is particularly important in the measurement of thin components, flexible materials and films. Flexible bodies in the meaning of this article are components of different shape and sizes made of rubber-like materials. This article studies principles of error formation based on the deformation of surface roughness and basic material.

Atslēgas vārdi
Deformation, Measurement Error, Measurement force, Surface Roughness

Avišāne, A., Avišāns, D. Contact Deformations under the Influence of Measurement Force. Procedia Engineering, 2015, Vol.100, 569.-573.lpp. ISSN 1877-7058. Pieejams: doi:10.1016/j.proeng.2015.01.406

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