State-of-The-Art Concept of Using Baltic Amber
2018 AABS Conference 2018
Inga Ļašenko, Arta Viļuma-Gudmona, Olga Kononova

The article State-of-The-Art Concept of Using Baltic Amber deals with a changeable understanding of amber, the possibilities and limitations of the exploitation of amber. Research has been elaborated as an alternative multidisciplinary research on amber and its utilization. Historical facts are the basis for a comprehensive research on amber in the contemporary world and scientific technologies. The article provides an up-to-date approach to the method of succinite processing, its integration with the polymer process as well as provides an insight into the process of production of amber composite fiber. The elaborated algorithm of production of composite materials can serve as a methodical tool for the research personnel for the developing of polymers-based innovations.

Atslēgas vārdi
Baltic Amber; succinite processing; composite fiber; nano – structura.

Ļašenko, I., Viļuma-Gudmona, A., Kononova, O. State-of-The-Art Concept of Using Baltic Amber. No: 2018 AABS Conference, Amerikas savienotās valstis, Stanford, 1.-3. jūnijs, 2018. Stanford: Stanford University Publishing House, 2018, 36.-37.lpp.

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