Thermoacoustic MHD Generator Prototyping and Experiments
10th PAMIR International Conference Fundamental and Applied MHD: Proceedings 2016
Artūrs Brēķis, Jānis Freibergs, Agris Gailītis, Antoine Alemany, Emmanuel Roy, Philippe Jeantet, Gerard Poli, Eleonora Zeminiani, Francois-Xavier Maurice, Gunter Gerbeth, Sven Eckert

This paper describes a machine based on coupled thermo acoustic (TAc) and magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) generators, which are an innovating technology ideally free of moving parts. In Europe there is a strong expertise in thermo acoustic and MHD. But these technologies have never been coupled. Both engines have been manufactured and tested in Institute of Physics of University of Latvia (IPUL). At first MHD generator and TAc generator were tested separately and then both together. The aim of these tests was a validation of possibility of making sodium oscillations with external force, testing free surface stability of gas-liquid sodium and studying of TAc generator working principles in different conditions.

Atslēgas vārdi
MHD generator, Space technologies, Thermoacoustics

Brēķis, A., Freibergs, J., Gailītis, A., Alemany, A., Roy, E., Jeantet, P., Poli, G., Zeminiani, E., Maurice, F., Gerbeth, G., Eckert, S. Thermoacoustic MHD Generator Prototyping and Experiments. No: 10th PAMIR International Conference Fundamental and Applied MHD: Proceedings, Itālija, Cagliari, 20.-24. jūnijs, 2016. Cagliari: University of Cagliari, 2016, 606.-610.lpp. ISBN 978-88-90551-93-2.

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