Hydrogen as Energy Carrier in Latvian Gas Infrastructure
Abstracts of the 35th Scientific Conference 2019
Jānis Kleperis, Laila Zemīte, Pēteris Lesničenoks, Ilze Dimanta, Ainārs Knoks

ISSP UL participates in the implementation of the project “Development tendencies, challenges and solutions of Latvian natural gas infrastructure” (LAGAS) of the National Research Program “Energetics” (leading partner IE RTU). The main task of team from ISSP is evaluation of the possibilities of hydrogen transportation and storage of energy produced from renewable energy resources. Hydrogen is the same energy carrier as electricity - to produce it, it must first be produced. And resources for its production are practically anywhere on the globe - water, biomass, subterranean depths. The resulting hydrogen will be as green as green energy will be used for its production. The World is gradually shifting to renewable energy technologies (sun, wind, water in rivers, biomass) for heat and electricity generation what is the base of the greenest energy. Part from these resources, like the wind and the sun is not available continuously, so the energy from them must first be collected in the form of hydrogen and should be led to end-user when needed. The easiest way would be to use the existing natural gas infrastructure, which is very developed in Latvia for both underground storage and distribution networks, but is it possible with hydrogen? The research will analyze the experience and plans of other countries in introducing and using the hydrogen technologies, as well as develop hydrogen implementation plan for Latvia.

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green energy

Kleperis, J., Zemīte, L., Lesničenoks, P., Dimanta, I., Knoks, A. Hydrogen as Energy Carrier in Latvian Gas Infrastructure. No: Abstracts of the 35th Scientific Conference, Latvija, Riga, 21.-21. februāris, 2019. Riga: Institute of Solid State Physics. University of Latvia, 2019, 46.-46.lpp.

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