Quality-Driven Schemes Enhancing Resilience of Wireless Networks under Weather Disruptions: Chapter 12
Rasa Bruzgiene, Lina Narbutaite, Tomas Adomkus, Peter Pocta, Peter Brida, Juraj Machaj, Erich Leitgeb, Pirmin Pezzei, Hristo Ivanov, Nadežda Kuņicina, Anatolijs Zabašta, Jeļena Čaiko, Antons Patļins

Heavy rain, dense fog or snow, extreme temperature or its variation - represent a few examples of weather conditions, which has a significant influence on a reliable communication over wireless networks. In particular, a wireless link is vulnerable to a variety of precipitation, amount of it and a level of its humidity. This means, that wireless signal can experience so-called ”path loss” or attenuation of signal strength in a face of intense precipitation. It is worth noting here that it can cause a serious trouble in a process of communication over wireless network or even a disruption of it. In this case, both critical changes in communication and its degradation are noticeable by users as well as network operators while service and network quality are evaluated by them respectively. A dependence of overall quality of communication on different quality parameters can be used as a suitable tool for effective resilience of wireless communications against the weather-induced disruptions. This chapter presents novel ideas how the quality parameters from different layers (network, transport, application) can be used for a creation of alerts if a performance of a service over wireless optical network is degrading, as well how data can be re-routed in a wireless sensor network and a wireless positioning system can be re-configured in a face of weather-based disruptions. The authors have experimentally evaluated a vulnerability of wireless networks in different weather conditions and their influence on an overall quality of communication over the wireless link. As a result of this, approaches of quality applications, as a technique to be deployed in a face of disruption of wireless communication network, are presented and discussed in this chapter.

Atslēgas vārdi
weather conditions, reliable communication, wireless networks

Bruzgiene, R., Narbutaite, L., Adomkus, T., Pocta, P., Brida, P., Machaj, J., Leitgeb, E., Pezzei, P., Ivanov, H., Kuņicina, N., Zabašta, A., Čaiko, J., Patļins, A. Quality-Driven Schemes Enhancing Resilience of Wireless Networks under Weather Disruptions: Chapter 12. No: Guide to Disaster-Resilient Communication Networks. J.Rak, D.Hutchison red. Cham: Springer, 2020. 299.-326.lpp. ISBN 978-3-030-44684-0. e-ISBN 978-3-030-44685-7. ISSN 1617-7975. e-ISSN 2197-8433. Pieejams: doi:10.1007/978-3-030-44685-7

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