Role of Higher Education in Aviation
Riga Aviation Forum 2020 2020
Ilmārs Blumbergs

New trends in philosophy for the aims of higher education, and a constantly changing attitude to the learning process from students, are forcing higher education institutions to adapt their teaching programmes quickly to the new situation. Demands from certifying and law-making institutions are also changing, as are demands from employers as well. To build a sustainable programme, long-term tendencies and constants (if there are such) must be found, and on the basis of those constants a flexible model for higher education programme implementation must be created. In this paper I will focus on finding the role or meaning of higher education in the field of aviation. Implementing the demands from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency for different certification as well as different models of realisation of higher education programmes with more or less integration or merging with certified aviation personnel regulations; demands will also be reviewed within the context of the goal of this paper.

Atslēgas vārdi
Higher education, professional education, integration, certification

Blumbergs, I. Role of Higher Education in Aviation. No: Riga Aviation Forum 2020, Latvija, Riga, 9.-10. septembris, 2020. Riga: Dienasbizness, 2020, 25.-32.lpp. ISSN 2661-5738.

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