Technological Assurance of Surface Roughness in Pocket Milling
31st International DAAAM Virtual Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation": Proceedings 2020
Jyothi Prasad Gandreddi, Artis Kromanis, Jānis Lungevičs, Ēriks Geriņš

In the 21st century milling is the main machining process to obtain complex shapes. Obtaining a smooth surface after machining is very important. The toolpaths and cutting parameters are very important to obtain good surface roughness and productivity in milling , as well as the cutting speed and feed rate are the main parameters to look out for. In the following research paper, a machining of medium carbide steels like C45 was performed to study the influence of machining parameters on surface roughness. Pocket milling of C45 steel in three toolpaths one-way, two-way, helical (inward) with 8mm carbide tool at different feed rates and cutting speeds but with constant depth of cut (1mm) for all samples is conducted to compare the surface roughness. One way tool path provided better results at low feed rate (0.01 to 0.03 mm/tooth) and at low cutting speeds (100-250 m/min) but rubbing of cutting tool is more at the starting point of machining and it also results in more air gaps between two cutting paths. Due to big air gaps this toolpath may not be suitable for mass production. In two way and helical toolpaths, finer surface roughness was obtained at low feed rates. So, low feed rates are very effective in pocket milling to obtain good surface roughness. Further research may be done by varying depth of cut and further increasing cutting speeds.

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Jyothi Prasad, G., Kromanis, A., Lungevičs, J., Geriņš, Ē. Technological Assurance of Surface Roughness in Pocket Milling. No: 31st International DAAAM Virtual Symposium ''Intelligent Manufacturing and Automation": Proceedings, Bosnija un hercegovina, Mostar, 21.-24. oktobris, 2020. Vienna: DAAAM International, 2020, 592.-598.lpp. ISBN 978-3-902734-29-7. ISSN 1726-9679. Pieejams: doi:10.2507/31st.daaam.proceedings.081

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