Development of Alternative Tourism in Kosovo - Peja Region
Bekë Kuq, Elvis Elezaj, Petrit Hasanaj

n the concept of alternative tourism, the dynamic growth of cultural tourism can be explained by the fast growth of demand for trips to various cultural attractions and amenities. Alternative tourism is a form of tourism that is not well-known and promoted in our country, but which presents high economic development potential. Alternative tourism is based on the use of natural potentials and cultural heritage and encourages interaction with nature, people and community. Peja District is an important tourist destination in Kosovo especially in rural areas, which are popular and frequently visited by local visitors and tourists from the European Union. History, culture and tradition are the main sources of tourism development in Peja region. The position of extension, the protected environment, the fertile lands, etc. are the elements that identify the city of Peja as a tourist town, which is visited throughout the year by visitors from different countries. Such tourism will be just green, sensitive, progressive, harmonious, responsible, eco, community; all characteristics fall under the heading “alternative tourism”. The goal of the paper is to provide readers with knowledge about alternative tourism in Peja municipality.

Atslēgas vārdi
Culture; visitors; cultural heritage; local actors; natural potentials

Kuq, B., Elezaj, E., Hasanaj, P. Development of Alternative Tourism in Kosovo - Peja Region. Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management, 2020, Vol. 8, 93.-101. lpp. e-ISSN 2255-9671. Pieejams: doi:10.2478/bjreecm-2020-0007

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