Strength and Deformability of Hollow Thin-Walled Mini-Spheres
Solid State Phenomena. Vol.320: Materials Engineering and Modern Manufacturing 2020: 28th International Baltic Conference 2021
Viktors Mironovs, Ervīns Blumbergs, Aleksejs Tatarinovs, Kaspars Kalnins

Thin-walled hollow mini-spheres several millimeters in diameter have promising applications as components for the absorption of sound, pressure pulses and mechanical vibrations, as well as heat transfer elements. In this paper, an assessment of some physical and mechanical properties, including the strength and elasticity of metallic mini spheres, is given. To a great extent, the properties are determined by the wall material, however, can be modified by the coating as well.

Atslēgas vārdi
hollow metal mini-spheres; static compression; strength, deformation.

Mironovs, V., Blumbergs, E., Tatarinovs, A., Kalnins, K. Strength and Deformability of Hollow Thin-Walled Mini-Spheres. Solid State Phenomena, 2021, Vol. 320, 3.-7.lpp. ISSN 1012-0394. e-ISSN 1662-9779. Pieejams: doi:10.4028/

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