Nanostructured TiAlSi-CN:Me/a-CN:Si3N4 Composite Coatings Deposited by Advanced PVD Technique
Solid State Phenomena. Vol.320: Materials Engineering and Modern Manufacturing 2020: 28th International Baltic Conference 2021
Uldis Kanders, Jānis Lungevičs, Armands Leitāns, Irīna Boiko, Kārlis Bērziņš, Zane Trubiņa

Nanostructured smart coatings (NSC) based on the TiAlSi-CN composite structure elements were deposited using advanced reactive physical vapor deposition (PVD) method. The novel NSC on steel substrates demonstrated enhanced wear and corrosion resistance required for multifunctional high-tech applications. The deposited NSC containing TiAlSi-CN nanoparticles strengthened by Cr, Nb and Hf additives exhibited a coefficient of friction (CoF) less than 0.2 and wear rate as low as 10E-8 mm3/Nm. In addition, some self-healing properties were observed preventing denitrification of the core carbon-nitride (CN) layer due to specific tribochemical reactions of Al and Si constituents. Thus, the chemical composition and tentative nano-structure of the NSC can be described by a stoichiometric formula TiAlSi-CN:Me/a-CxNy:Si3N4, where Me=Cr, Nb or Hf.

Atslēgas vārdi
Carbonitrides, Hafnium, High-Power Reactive Magnetron Sputtering, Low Friction and Low Wear Rate, Nanostructured Composite Coatings

Kanders, U., Lungevičs, J., Leitāns, A., Boiko, I., Bērziņš, K., Trubiņa, Z. Nanostructured TiAlSi-CN:Me/a-CN:Si3N4 Composite Coatings Deposited by Advanced PVD Technique. Solid State Phenomena, 2021, Vol. 320, 37.-42.lpp. ISSN 1012-0394. e-ISSN 1662-9779. Pieejams: doi:10.4028/

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