Identification of Human Factors and User Experience in a Remote Environment
12th International Scientific Conference "Business and Management 2022" 2022
Vladimirs Šatrevičs, Harikrishnan Koderi, Irina Voronova

The pandemic had caused a worldwide disruption introducing new and extraordinary challenges. Social dis-tancing and new protocols ensuring safety for people derived new models of work environments. Moreover, when we deal with our physical health, introducing new ways to interact and work in this new remote covid workflow it is also essential to take care of our mental health. Globally, due to the new adjusted routines in all aspects had opened a new remote world. The research identified human factors and user experience influencing the remote environments, there is a significant negative relation between stress and user experience while working in a remote environment. High stress levels result in poor user experience. Moreover, the findings also reveal us Human interface in a remote set up is bring-ing the most dissatisfaction and contributes to stress in a human-machine level. Furthermore, the different aspects of stress were also categorised and identified in the study.

Atslēgas vārdi
human factors, user experience, stress, workplace stress, remote environment

Šatrevičs, V., Koderi, H., Voronova, I. Identification of Human Factors and User Experience in a Remote Environment. No: 12th International Scientific Conference "Business and Management 2022", Lietuva, Vilnius, 12.-13. maijs, 2022. Vilius: VILNIUS TECH, 2022, 1.-11.lpp. ISBN 978-609-476-288-8. e-ISBN 978-609-476-289-5. ISSN 2029-4441. e-ISSN 2029-929X. Pieejams: doi:10.3846/bm.2022.737

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