Comparative Analysis of the Indian and Canadian Real Estate Markets
Rashmi Jaymin Sanchaniya, Jaymin Vrajlal Sanchaniya, Payal Patel Bhalodi

Financial and real estate crises have been the most prevalent forms of economic catastrophe during the last three decades. In 2008, India endured a financial crisis unprecedented in its history. Canada seems to be creating a real estate bubble recently; Bloomberg Economics puts Canada as the OECD's second greatest housing bubble in 2019 and 2021. In the case of the Indian real estate bubble, the capital and large cities saw the largest increases in house prices initially, then comparable increases spread gradually to smaller towns and provinces. Thus, this paper will conduct a comparative study of the real estate markets in India and Canada and will present a basic analysis of the Canadian real estate market based on the Indian experience with the real estate crisis. Specifically, this article will explore recent economic history and deduce the elements that contributed to the real estate catastrophe. After collecting data and gaining a thorough knowledge of both nations' real estate markets, this article will conduct a comparison study employing indexes such as the housing index, the corruption rate, the Industrial Confidence Indicator (ICI), and the Business Survey Index (BSI). This research indicates that property prices in Canada are projected to rise because of a significant association between corruption and house prices and a decline in the BSI index. This research provides some recommendations to avert a full-fledged real estate meltdown.

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Comparative analysis, Canada, India, Real Estate Bubble

Sanchaniya, R., Sanchaniya, J., Bhalodi, P. Comparative Analysis of the Indian and Canadian Real Estate Markets. Baltic Journal of Real Estate Economics and Construction Management, 2023, Vol. 11, 1.-13. lpp. e-ISSN 2255-9671. Pieejams: doi:10.2478/bjreecm-2023-0001

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