Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Polyurethane Foam Blends
Mechanics of Composite Materials 2008
Andrzej K. Bledzki, Jānis Zicāns, Remo Merijs-Meri, D. Kardasz

Blends of secondary rigid polyurethane foams (RPUFs) with soft polyurethane foams (SPUFs) were in vestigated. The effect of SPUF content and its chemical nature on some physical and mechanical properties of the blends was evaluated. Owing to the stronger intermolecular interaction and higher values of cohesion energy, the blends of RPUFs with polyester SPUFs showed higher mechanical properties than those with polyether SPUFs. The density, hardness, ultimate strength, and the tensile, shear, and flexural moduli increased, while the impact toughness, ultimate elongation, and damping characteristics decreased with increasing RPUF content in the blends.

Atslēgas vārdi
rigid polyurethane foams, soft polyurethane foams, blends, mechanical properties

Bledzki, A., Zicāns, J., Merijs-Meri, R., Kardasz, D. Some Physical and Mechanical Properties of Recycled Polyurethane Foam Blends. Mechanics of Composite Materials, 2008, Vol.44, No.5, 515.-522.lpp. e-ISSN 1573-8922. ISSN 0191-5665. Pieejams: doi:10.1007/s11029-008-9044-7

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