Solution to Analysis of IT System User Behaviour Using AI/ML Algorithms
Oksana Ņikiforova, Vitālijs Zabiņako, Jurijs Korņijenko, Amanda Siliņa, Madara Gasparoviča-Asīte

Insufficient user involvement, lack of user feedback, incomplete and changing user requirements are some of the critical reasons for the difficulty of IS usage, which could potentially reduce the number of customers. Under the previous authors’ research, the method for analysing the behaviour of IT system users was developed, which was intended to improve the usability of the system and thus could increase the efficiency of business processes. The developed method is based on the use of graph searching algorithms, Markov chains and Machine Learning approach. This paper focuses on detailing of method output data in the context of definition of their importance based on expert evaluation and demonstration of visual presentation of different UX analysis situations. The paper briefly reminds the essence of the method, including both the input and output data sets, and, with the help of experts, evaluates the expected result in the context of their importance in UX analysis. It also introduces visualization prototype developed to obtain the output data, which allows verifying the input/output data transformation possibilities and expected data acquisition potential.


Ņikiforova, O., Zabiņako, V., Korņijenko, J., Siliņa, A., Gasparoviča-Asīte, M. Solution to Analysis of IT System User Behaviour Using AI/ML Algorithms. Applied Computer Systems, 2021, Vol. 26, No. 2, 107.-115.lpp. ISSN 2255-8683. e-ISSN 2255-8691. Pieejams: doi:10.2478/acss-2021-0013

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