Spectroscopic Investigation of New Benzanthrone Luminescent Dyes
Bulgarian Chemical Communications 2022
M Olipova, Armands Maļeckis, A Puckins, A Kirilova, E Romanovska, Jeļena Kirilova

Luminescent dyes have received a considerable attention for their potential applications in biochemical and medical assays. Benzanthrone dyes are a special class of environmentally sensitive, photostable, bright luminophores. In the present research the photophysical properties of benzanthrone derivatives with amidine group and bromine atom in various positions were investigated and compared. The absorption and luminescence spectra in several organic solvents with various polarities were recorded and analyzed. Interesting results about substituent effects on the physical properties of the prepared dyes are obtained and discussed. The studied amidines are characterized by pronounced fluorescence solvatochromism. The results demonstrated that the studied amidine fluorophores have good properties of large Stokes shift, high emission, polarity sensitivity, that offer a great potential for biological imaging.

Atslēgas vārdi
Benzanthrone derivatives | Fluorescence spectroscopy | Luminescent dyes | Solvatochromism | Synthesis

Olipova, M., Maļeckis, A., Puckins, A., Kirilova, A., Romanovska, E., Kirilova, J. Spectroscopic Investigation of New Benzanthrone Luminescent Dyes. Bulgarian Chemical Communications, 2022, Vol. 54, No. 3, 253.-257.lpp. ISSN 0861-9808. e-ISSN 2534-9899. Pieejams: doi:10.34049/bcc.54.3.F006

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